Cheryl is an amazing Pilates instructor who is extremely dedicated to her craft. I started working with her over 2 years ago in order to better understand and strengthen my body. Cheryl eagerly shares her knowledge about alignment and how the muscles work together in order to diminish any pain one may be having. Over time I was more aware of the way I sat, stood, and walked. Cheryl helped me establish goals for posture, core strength, and overall health. I highly recommend Cheryl as her professional expertise has been life changing. 
Tami G.

Cheryl’s expert coaching has helped me move more naturally and pain free following hip & back surgeries and arthritis. With her instruction and personalized exercise plan (Daily Movement Multivitamin) I have also improved my whole body alignment and the way I walk. I love her gentle yet direct approach making sure I am challenged yet not risking injury. The use of a ball under my feet has helped release my overlapping toes and reduced the foot pain. I appreciate Cheryl’s eye for precise movement as well as her passion for helping people feel their best. Lovely studio too!

I have been participating in Pilates for about a year. I started with a bad back and ankle problems. Cheryl took the time to find the perfect program to help my back and ankle.
Kim S.

I keep wondering how I can possibly convey how much Cheryl has contributed to my physical and emotional well-being. I was so lucky to find her at a time that no one else could help me (chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists). Cheryl taught me some simple exercises that we did together and I did at home that literally stopped my back pain (MRI shows slipped disc) when others could not. She studied my x-rays and doctor’s comments and came to each session prepared with the perfect blend of Pilates and restorative exercise not only to help me when I was seeing her, but which also still helps me move my body to get pain relief. Because of Cheryl I’ve been able to keep taking care of my 98-year old month without the constant, persistent pain. I’ve learned to do things so that I don’t continue to injure myself. I can’t tell you how frustrated I was with medical doctors and others who just wanted me to “keep coming back” yet were not able to help me. I was and am not interested in surgery or heavy-duty pain killers. Every time I left a session with Cheryl my body felt “lighter” somehow and I was able to move easily WITH NO PAIN. I felt free of restrictions and younger- ready to get back to “living”.
Colleen M.

About a year ago I was looking for something to help me with recurrent hip pain. Fortunately for me I found Cheryl! She has helped me so much over the past year. I have learned many different exercises that have helped strengthen my hips. Not only do my hips feel better but my posture, breathing, and core strength have improved as well. Cheryl is passionate about what she teaches and it shines through every time I have a session with her!
Jill O.

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