Restorative Exercise Group Class

A 75 minute alignment based exercise class designed to focus on proper body alignment, corrective movement, and exercises that help strengthen, tone, and stretch our bodies so we can lessen injury and move throughout our day without pain.


  • $35 Per Class (Per Person)
  • Package of 5 sessions: $30 Per Class (Per Person)
  • Package of 10 sessions: $25 Per Class (Per Person)

"In 10 sessions, you'll feel the difference. In 20, you'll see the difference, and in 30, you'll have a whole new body" - Joseph Pilates


Group Class

A small group class of three or more clients, utilizing various pieces of equipment and using various props. Small group classes can be modified as needed for each client. ​


  • $35 for a single class (Per Person)
  • Package of 5 Classes: $30 Per Class (Per Person)
  • Package of 10 Classes: $25 Per Class (Per Person)

Introductory Session 

A 30 minute, first time only introductory session for only $30. This session will focus on your personal goals and will utilize various pieces of equipment.

Move Well, Live Well

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Restorative Exercise Consultation

A 90 minute consultation is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about Restorative Exercise or anyone who wants a private session to learn more about their own personal alignment points, how you are moving (or not moving) your body, and discover areas of underuse and overuse. You will become more aware of your personal movement patterns which will allow you to move in a more nutritious way and reduce the wear and tear on your body. A repertoire of customized exercises and corrective movements can be designed to assist with continued self care.

$95 Per 90 min consultation

Semi-Private Session

A 55 minute session for those who wish to share a private session with a friend or partner and have similar goals and needs. The session can be done on the various pieces of equipment such as the Reformer, Wunda Chair and Cadillac.


  • $45 Per Session (Per Person) 
  • Package of 5 Sessions: $40 Per Session (Per Person) 
  • Package of 10 sessions: $35 Per Session (Per Person)  

Restorative Exercise

Programs & Rates

Private Session

This session is recommended for first time clients and for those clients who prefer personalized attention throughout the entire session. Private sessions are 55 minutes and provide the full studio experience focusing on your specific needs and goals.


  • $65 Per Session
  • Package of 5 Sessions: $60 Per Session
  • Package of 10 sessions: $55 Per Session